Who We Are

Arkavi Studios is an independent game development company, founded in 2013 in Leiria, Portugal.
We are really passionate about what we do, putting our heart and soul into every game we make, and making the games we would like to play.


July 29th , 2015 - We are pleased to announce our new adventure game, Bonded for PC,Mac,Linux,Xbox One and PS4 to be published by Iceberg Interactive. Check out the press release here.

September 12nd , 2014 - We are very happy to announce Lords of the Black Sun has been released ! You can check it out here.

December 6th , 2013 - Lords of the Black Sun is on Steam Early Access ! You can check it out here.

August 12nd , 2013 - We are pleased to announce the signing of a publishing deal with Iceberg Interactive, for the release of Lords of the Black Sun ! The game is due to be released in both retail and as digital download during the Q4 of this year.

May 22nd , 2013 - The Arkavi Studios site is live !
The forum transfer from the old Neogen2 Creations forum is complete, if you have any problems let us know.

May 8th , 2013 - Arkavi Studios is founded in Leiria, Portugal.
The change from Neogen2 Creations to Arkavi Studios is a bit more than a name change. While the core team is the same, Arkavi Studios is a different legal entity and all our games from now on will be released under this name.